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Proguard Gnex Safety Eyewear Glasses
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Our ranges of eyewear are tested and comply with ANSI Z87.1 and CE EN166 standards.Ecosafe safety eyewear is designed to meet the need of tough enviroment and conditions,both indoor and outdoor.Our Dura-Coat lenses are design to provide greater comfort and durability to our users.
Ecosafe safety eyewear lensens are coated to withstand extreme scratches and condition.This provided users with greater vision and durability in harsh and extreme working condition and avoic's
frequent replacement of safety eyewear.
We highly recommend you to choose a model which is suitable to for your work tasks and environments to ensure optimum protection and comfort for your eyes.If the lenses become scratched or pitted,it should be discard and being replaced immediately with another pair Ecosafe safety eyewear.

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